Editorial Support

We routinely help research scientists to achieve their publication and grant acquisition goals. Our text enhancement and English-language service helps you to produce a clear and concise readable text that creates the right impression on the target audience. Over the years, we have supported hundreds of researchers helping them to get published in the journals they want; thereby, getting the success and recognition that their research work deserves.

We also offer ‘hidden gun’ services for research proposals and these have proven instrumental for many groups and institutes in obtaining funding from major grant awarding bodies such as the DFG and EU.

With such a level of success, it is clear that BioScript International’s editorial support service is more than basic editing and proofreading. We ensure that your document is optimally communicated, and if desired, we also explain changes and give advice on how to improve your writing style.

Our text enhancement and English-language editing expertise extends to the following documents:

- Research and review articles
- Letters to the editor
- Responses to the reviewers
- Annual reports
- Research proposals and large grant bids