Scientific Text Consultancy

Ruth Willmott routinely supports research scientists and PIs to maximize their writing of research papers and review articles, third-party funding bids and re-evaluation reports as well as promotional materials. Over the years, she has supported 100s of researcher scientists and PIs to get published in high-end journals, to achieve their grant acquisition goals as well as to deliver high-quality re-evaluation reports on time. With such a level of success, it is clear that BioScript International’s scientific text consultancy service is more than proofreading and basic editing.

For research papers and review articles, RW not only ensures that the content is correct and the structure is strong, but also that the text is precisely and concisely written to ensure a high level of readability. Hence, new discoveries, novel concepts and innovative ideas are optimally communicated, thereby creating the best impression on the reviewers and target audience.

For large third-party funding bids and re-evaluation reports, RW offers an all-encompassing service aimed at minimizing the impact on the already heavy workload of busy PIs, while producing a high-quality professional and polished report within the time frame. In addition to editing the scientific content, RW ensures that the layout of the research sections and appendices is harmonized throughout the report.
Moreover, RW also frequently supports concept development as well as ghost writes the non-scientific sections for, e.g. graduate education and career development, mentoring programmes, gender equality and diversity, public relations activities and international visibility, etc. Finally, RW also routinely checks publication lists, CVs and appendices to ensure completeness and consistency.

For promotional materials, RW provides advice on the content and structure for websites and image brochures, and where needed, text can be written to be comprehensible to different target groups, including non-experts.