BioScript’s Scientific Soft Skills Building Programme comprises individualized workshops designed to maximize the scientific communication efficiency of non-native English-speaking research scientists. Every year we help hundreds of early stage researchers to improve their scientific communication skills.


Scientific Presentation

Discussing what I thought before was the best presentation I could give improved its level substantially. I learnt not only how to give a presentation properly, but also the reasons behind the do's and dont's.
MD/PhD Program, IZKF, Rudolf Virchow Center, Wurzburg

I really improved my level of English as well as presentation technique. Two highly productive and fun days!
Research Training Group 592, ‘Lymphozyten: Differenzierung, Aktivierung und Deviation’, Erlangen

First of all, I want to say thank you Ruth for the great training and motivation. Keep the workshop just as it is; it is the perfect way to learn!
Research Training Group 767, ‘Transcriptional control in developmental processes’, Marburg

I have to thank you a thousand times for your helpful tips and your brilliant advice from your Presenting and Designing Posters Workshop. Considering those, or at least most of them, I won the Poster Prize at a recent meeting in Göttingen, along with a free one year subscription to Nature and an Ipod!
Research Training Group 1048, ‘Molecular basis of organ development in vertebrates’, Wurzburg