We can highly recommend BioScript's editorial support service! The comments and suggestions are excellent and definitely improve the flow and clarity of our manuscripts. In our experience, this service is certainly worth the investment!
University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, Department of Molecular Immunology, Erlangen (Germany)

We appreciate very much the service of BioScript. Our manuscripts belonging to such different fields as theoretical biology, cell biology or biochemistry improved significantly through the skilful editing of Dr. Willmott.
University of Gottingen, Institute for Microbiology and Genetics, Gottingen (Germany)

For us the suggestions by Dr. Willmott are more than just the correction of the language. She helps us to find out the critical points and to prepare the manuscript to the highest international level.
University of Rostock, Department of Biological Sciences, Rostock (Germany)

After recommendation from a colleague, we used the BioScript's editorial service for the first time this year and were delighted with the result.
University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna (Austria)

I highly recommend the service of BioScript as an extremely helpful and essential part in the publication process, especially in the field of medicine.
University Hospital Aachen, Department of Infection Control, Aachen (Germany)

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